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July 19, 2007



On the baseball question: a perfect game should last the span of an afternoon. Game should start about 1:00-1:30, you get your hotdog, you have a couple of beers, ignore the game for a bit, go wandering off with your friends, come back for the ending, and are done in time to go get dinner. Five or six innings will only last you two hours or so--not nearly long enough. Nine will sometimes run on too long (and they don't have a lot of afternoon games anymore, aside from Wrigley), but when it's good, it's nigh-perfect.


So maybe I should walk around more and ignore the first hour. The only problem is, I've never been able to pull that off at Tiger Stadium, Wrigley, or where the TC Beach Bums play. I'm not denying that the games are fun-- just that they're three or four innings too long. Maybe I should just stick with skiing?


My father keeps telling me that I wash my car "wrong" (I don't know what "wrong" is - I mean, is there really a wrong way to wash a car?), so now when I go home I let him deal with it.

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