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July 12, 2007



I missed moody Harry, too. The movie didn't have anything like the emotional roller coaster of the book - the highs of DA practice and Weasley is our King, the lows of Umbridge-torture, Dumbledore-rejection and... Weasley is our King...

Also, could Alan Rickman talk a little bit more about penetration, please? Seriously, that discussion he had with Harry was so dirty if you have a dirty mind.


HAHA you said it all perfectly! Oh snape... and I could have used more Umbridge too. The end was annoying to me-- Harry's thing about feeling sorry for Voldemort, etc. instead of begging to be killed. A little too sappy for me, and an unfortunate departure from the book, as at this point, Harry shouldn't have much insight into V. at all. Aaaand I'm a geek.


Yes. That schmaltzy "You'll never know love... or FRIENDSHIP!" part made me sad. I was like "This has been a very nice movie up to this point! Why did you say that, Harry?"


He should have just stayed squirming on the floor. Harry's way too logical and in touch with his feelings now!


Alan Rickman's sole purpose in life was to play Snape. He is so perfect.


completely agree. and i think dan radcliffe was born to be harry.

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