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June 08, 2007



Ooh! I definitely want to see Paris, je t'aime - the only thing stopping me is that it's not playing at the movie theatre within walking distance of my apt. More importantly - I WANT THE POSTER. How can I get the poster?


I do enjoy that it's been as hot or hotter in Chiacgo than it has been in NC recently.



gloria, i'm looking for the poster too!! i'll send you a link if i can find one. you must see the movie-- it was incredible. both hilarious and touching!
nick, dude, it's been HOT in chicago! hotter in detroit this past weekend-- i now have a farmer-tan, conveninently just a few days before i am in a wedding and am supposed to look nice. ha!


Camille, your blog is fantastic. You had me laughing after a rough day. So good to see your sense of humor is better than ever! :)


Movieposters.com sells the poster that was out in France, but not the one for here. GRR.

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