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May 10, 2007




The atomic kitty litter. I think my boss is going to need to replace one LCD monitor as I just shot water Tommy-Gun style all over the one at my desk.

Second. Thank god someone else thinks baby head bands are heinous. Honestly without at least chin length hair, WTF?

And for Act Three - your awesomely accurate definition of the word Bachelorette just made the Wee Words Dictionary! Right after Man Fancy.

Whoooo! Hoo! I love this post (obviously)!

PS - the man bangs are totally Man Fancy!


You could call it a hen night.



a) Baby ears. I have a theory about this one too, actually. Have you ever seen someone that has a pierced ear but its NOT CENTERED?! Hasn't anyone told these people that human ears and noses continue to grow FOREVER!

b)bach-e-lor-ette. That's how you say it. Incase anyone doesn't believe me, click over to www.websters.com and hear it for yourself. Further proof of this nonsense word.

c) Thanks Camille, wonderful rants.


I see a lot of Indian babies with pierced ears. I think they have a different approach to the ear piercing, like "You're going to get your ears pierced eventually so why not get it out of the way before you remember it?" As opposed to my mother's approach: "Not before you're sixteen!"


weetiny, right on! i like "man fancy"-- reminds me of "man purse" (my other major interest).
jess, baby ears are crazy-- and thanks! ;)
srah, maybe i should have had my ears pierced as a baby... i remember the terror of having what looked like a nail gun aimed at my head at seven... was worth it, though! :)

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