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March 15, 2007



AH-HAH! I do remember one little KMart TV from 2001 and the hanus laguages it spat before dying--I swear it was all Samara's fault, really.

Aunt Judy

A couple of years ago I bought Steffi a $200 Canon Elph. It is wonderful. I bought a $300 Canon Something or other for me and the photo quality is identical (and also excellent). Alas, the Elph fits in the pocket, but the more expensive camera I own does not.

If only someone would just buy Elphs (Elves?) for both of us!


danielle, the World's Worst TV is still around. i remember when it was in your room for a semester! there's been a big campaign for me to replace it, but for now i enjoy it's crappiness.

aunt judy, i had a great elph-- will have to ask you about what camera you have now. i'm debating between a non-pocket-sized high-quality digital and a small cool one. i tried (and failed) to win the lottery, so will have to wait 'til the next pay period. :)

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